How Does An Abuja City Guide Come About?

Abuja City Guide is a network of local publishers who have joined together under the Abuja City Guide brand name to develop and publish well-written, well researched, independent and interesting city guides to Abuja in print and digital formats.

We are continually expanding our network and looking for local publishers who want to join the Abuja City Guide family.

If you are an established local travel publisher, guide or someone who would like to become one, Abuja City Guide has the systems, the experience and the business model to help you make a greater impact.

Joining the Abuja City Guide group will help you develop your publishing business locally, while gaining international recognition through the Abuja City Guide brand.

You can become part of the Abuja City Guide team at a very reasonable annual license fee starting from ₦5000.

Sounds interesting?

For further information contact:

Emmanuel Ochidi


As a first stage to finding out more about Abuja City Guide you can download our licensee prospectus from here.